There are tonnes of detailing products out there. The last thing you need is a shelf-full of tools collecting dust. In this blog post we place the spotlight on GYEON’s Q²M QuickDetailer.

(Text by James Borg for Prestige Detailing Malta)



When to Apply Gyeon Q²M QuickDetailer


After a typical wash, no matter how thorough you thought you were, there’s always something that escaped your attention.

Time and time again, you’ll wonder how you could have done some things better…or end up spending way longer than you would have wanted correcting oversights without achieving the desired result.



A 1000 millilitre transparent bottle of GYEON Q2M QuickDetailer. The bottle has a white sprayhead.

What could be better after washing your car than adding an extra level of gloss with a dedicated product from an industry professional? Meet the GYEON Q2M Quick Detailer.


We find that QD is best-suited for individuals who would like to apply an extra layer of gloss and slickness to their vehicle post-wash whilst comprehensively tackling water streaks, films of dust and fingerprints. It’s like spraying on some aftershave after some manscaping – it just rounds everything off.

QD is easy-to-apply, requiring only minimal effort to work into problematic, hard-to-reach areas. Just ensure you have a couple of detailing cloths to hand and you’re good to go.

Next, we will look into some best practices before and during the application of the product to help you achieve superior results.

Get Ready to Fire On All Cylinders


After you’re done washing your car (and before using the product), we recommend taking your vehicle for a quick spin around the block to loosen up any remaining water, then using the dry side of your microfibre cloth to wipe it down. Of course if you have a touchless car dryer, like the Bigboi BlowR Mini, you can skip the first of these steps altogether and use the dryer to dislodge the water instead.


Whatever the case, here are our tips:


Step 1: Wipe down any residual water with a dry microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Apply QD to the other side of the cloth and work it into the body. Rub it into wherever water streaks, fingerprints or dullness are present.

Step 3: Use a second microfiber cloth to polish it to perfection.


It’s important to point out that wherever dust is involved, it’s always best to treat the affected areas to some water and good, old-fashioned car shampoo. What you definitely don’t need is to create superficial scratches as you’re working QD (or any other similar product, for that matter) onto a dusty car surface.

The Perks of The Product


The great thing about Quick Detailer, is that it works by adding a layer of slickness to your car’s paintwork, making it harder for dust particles to cling onto its surface. Even better, it can be used as a drying aid straight out of the box. If you’ve freed up your car from the majority of the water – using, say, a drying towel – it’s easy to apply an even level of gloss all around your car with a few spritzes and a cloth.

A bottle of QD and a microfibre cloth can be easily stowed away in your car’s glove compartment, too. So if you don’t have your own studio or garage, you can easily get the job done at a regular car wash.

Last but certainly not least, like all good detailing products, its excellent for prevention. Mix in some sun and and untackled water streaks and you have a recipe for water spots. Leave enough time, and contaminants like brake dust and air-borne exhaust particles will slowly but surely build up on your car’s paint lacquer.

With products like the GYEON QuickDetailer, you can up your vehicle’s defence and enjoy a better wash. We believe it deserves a spot in anyone’s garage or detailing trolley.