Confused by all the car drying tool options? Join us as we explore two of the very best car drying towels in our store.


Why Use a Car Drying Towel? 


What distinguishes a drying towel from a chamois cloth? Well, a drying towel requires ZERO wringing and typically absorbs five to six times its weight in water. Unlike a leather cloth, it’s also not prone to harden if not cleaned and aired properly after each use.


But why are drying towels so highly sought after at the moment? The answer is that these new-generation drying tools are made from very soft, pliable synthetic strands of fabric known as microfibers. To give the consumer a measure of just how absorbent these towels are, the width of these microscopic fibres are measured in GSM, or grammes per square metre. The higher the GSM, the more water-stopping power they have, allowing you to dry multiple vehicles before the towel needs to be aired or washed. And because microfiber towels and cloths are made from extremely fine material, they are less likely to damage the top layer of your car: your car’s clear coat.


Our recommendation for a car drying towel is that it should at the very least be 500GSM.


Which Car Drying Towel Should You Choose?


Until very recently, we only sold one drying towel option at our store: the Liquid Elements’ Silverback Fusion: a 1100 GSM, German-manufactured towel with a 50 x 80cm form-factor. We love to use it in our regular detailing operation as it is purely such a breeze to hold down with both hands and get a car dry within minutes. Like most towels it is fully reusable after a regular machine wash at 60°C. View the product here.

But that’s not all! Fresh from the genius minds at GYEON we present to you the brand new Q²M SilkDryer EVO. An evolution on the 2015 original, it boasts a GSM of 530 and a whopping increase of 50% in global absorbency. We have already started making heavy-use of this amazing tool inside of our detailing studio and we are very impressed. It is available for purchase here.

Before we go, we will leave you with Yves Heylen from GYEON’s The Detailing Guru series to demonstrate the best way to dry your car: